Welcome To Stonnington Farm

Stonnington Farm is a family owned, 376 acre, natural, grass fed, cattle farm located in Perkinston, Mississippi (35 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico). Stonnington Farm believes in the "Responsible Family Farming" model developed by owners Michael and Katie Stonnington.

Responsible Family Farming

A healthy and stress free herd is paramount. Daily interaction with the Stonnington Farm family and employees results in the cattle being accustomed to people and machinery.

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Premium, Natural, Grass-Fed Beef

The bottom line is that cattle are not "hard wired" to eat grain. Cattle are ruminant animals whose natural diet are grasses. Studies have shown that a grain diet alters the acidic content of their rumen.

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Livestock Gallery

Stonnington Farm does not utilize growth hormones or grains of any kind. No butchered animals have been treated with antibiotics.

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