Nature knows best. 100% Grass-fed beef is high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin-rich, and nutrient-dense. The superb quality of grasses provides everything our herds require. No additions needed.

Stonnington Farm believes in the “Responsible Family Farming” model developed by owners Michael and Katie Stonnington.  “Responsible Family Farming” is an approach placing stewardship of the earth, humane treatment of animals, and health of consumers at the cornerstone of agricultural business.  Stonnington Farm does not utilize growth hormones or grains of any kind.  No processed animals have been treated with antibiotics.

Antibiotics are only utilized for life-threatening illnesses…we do not believe animals should suffer or die if they have treatable conditions.  Stonnington Farm believes progress sometimes involves actually taking a step backward in order to move forward… that is, looking at how things were done in the past…specifically the way family farms produced food and directly marketed to their local communities.  With most current day practices, there is little ability to assure the quality of products once they leave the farm…but, not at Stonnington Farm.  You, “the consumer”,  buys the 100% GrassFed Beef directly from Stonnington Farm.  Stonnington Farm then manages the entire custom,  butchering process and delivers directly to your freezer.  No feedlots or middlemen are utilized.  You, “the consumer”, communicate and deal directly with Stonnington Farm.

A healthy and stress-free herd is paramount.  There is a daily association with the Stonnington Farm family and employees which results in the cattle being accustomed to people and machinery.  It also allows close monitoring of the herds to detect injuries, ailments, birthing problems, and positive or negative trends.  The cattle are trained to move between pastures without any stressful techniques. They can often simply be called to another location with a sound or “cattle call” they have learned.  This stress-free environment has been shown by numerous studies to promote cattle health as well as improve the quality of beef produced.

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